Master Switch Bypass Set for Master Locks


Master Switch Bypass Set for Master Locks

Master Lock padlocks are designed to be tough. Hit them, pierce them, or pry them and they still hold tight. If you don't mind making a little noise, you can probably open them with bump keys from our 11-key bump key set (which includes keys for M1 and M10 keyways) or our pad lock bump key set (with keys for M2, M5, AM3, AM7 and Y11 keyways). 

But what if you need to bypass a Master Lock without drawing attention to yourself?

The Master Switch Bypass Set (sometimes also referred to as the "silver bullet") is just the tool for the job. Inserted through the keyway, this government steel tool release the shackle in two easy steps. 

  • Opens Master Lock Model #1, #2, #3 & #4 padlocks in seconds.  
  • Withdraws the locking teeth on most Model #5 and # 6 padlocks far enough to insert standard butterfly shims. 
Stop smashing your fingers and open Master Locks with ease with the Master Switch Bypass Set!