Master M10 Padlock Bump Key



Master M10 Padlock Bump Key


  • For padlocks with Master M10 keyways 
  • 5 Pin
  • Highest Quality Manufacturing

This key is no longer available for individual sale, but is included in the following bump key sets:

Commercial Bump Key Set
Large Padlock Bump Key Set
11-Key Bump Key Set
18-Key Bump Key Set
23-Key Bump Key Set
39-Key Bump Key Set

Various key blank manufacturers may call this key by a different part number.
Some examples are:

  • Axxess 93 
  • Cole M10 
  • Curtis M-10, M10 
  • Dominion MA1 
  • ESP M10 
  • Ilco 1092N 
  • Ilco EZ M10, M10-BR 
  • Jet M10 
  • JMA MAS-9, MAS9 
  • Original 15K 
  • Orion 1092N 
  • Silca MS3 
  • Star 5MA5 
  • Taylor 92N