Lockpicking Night School - ACE Hackware
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Lockpicking Night School - ACE Hackware
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Lock Picks - Lockpicking Night School


Lockpicking Night School

Want to really up your game? This set has EVERYTHING you need to learn how to pick locks!

The Lockpicking Night School set comes COMPLETE with 4 lock picks with molded handles, 6 tension wrenches, 3 practice locks and one case.

  • 1 x Small Half Diamond .025 thick
  • 1 x Standard Short hook 0.25 thick
  • 1 x Best Buster (Snake Rake) .025 thick
  • 1 x Twin Peak .025 thick
  • 6 x Tension Wrenches

Normally $̶1̶2̶9̶, ON SALE for 24 hours or until stock runs out!

Cut away locks have a window that lets you look at the pins as you pick the lock. They are a great way to learn or teach the sport of lock picking. The practice locks are brass cut-aways with three different styles of pins: standard, serrated and spool pins. The left side of the carrying case has a double flap for adding more tools and the right side has 4 pockets for you to carry locks.