Bump Keys - 1 House Bump Key - Kwikset




1 House Bump Key - Kwikset


This is a house bump keys for Kwikset Residential Locks.

This key is no longer available for individual sale, but is included in the following bump key sets:

5-Key Bump Key Set
11-Key Bump Key Set
18-Key Bump Key Set
23-Key Bump Key Set
39-Key Bump Key Set

You can use these bump keys on pin tumbler locks like the KW1 5 Pin House Keyway or other Kwikset locks with keyways of the same type.

The Kwikset house bump keys are specially cut from the same blank profile as an original Kwikset key.

Our bump keys are hand made in the USA and are manufactured according to strict industry standards so we can guarantee their dependability when you need to gain access to a building in an emergency.