EOD and First Responder Lock Pick Set



EOD and First Responder Lock Pick Set


The EOD and First Responder Lock Pick Set is designed to address the specific entry needs and tool requirements of EOD (explosives ordinance disposal) professionals and other first responders in the field.

With the assistance of the EOD community, including the highly respected EOD MILITARY Members of the Air National Guard out of Oregon, Sparrows was able to design a lock pick set that is both compact and also fits EOD daily requirements for an everyday carry set. EOD team duties typically include sweeping an area before an event or dignitary arrives, which requires access to all doors, cabinets, luggage and anything else that is locked shut.

To do their jobs effectively, EOD teams and first responders must have full access to an area and everything inside. If an EOD team needs a door opened, requesting and receiving a key cannot always be assured in a timely manner. This set is designed to be a fast operational set for opening doors and locks when timeliness is crucial.  

The selection of picks in the  EOD and First Responder Lock Pick Set is heavy on raking tools, as this is frequently the fastest method of picking a lock. Also included are a short hook and a half diamond pick to round out the set. 

The  EOD Lock Pick Set set also includes a mini door jim (a smaller version of our Shovit Tool) to assist in quickly bypassing door latches. A mini knife is included for opening luggage and briefcase locks, and there is  a set of wafer picks for file cabinets and other wafer locks.

Customer Reviews

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Awesome kit

this set comes with a lot of picks and tools to open many locks!

More than expected!

I bought the eod kit and had no prior knowledge of using picks. After watching a few you tubes I can now pick Yale, Master and Brinks locks. The kit is small, very high quality and worth twice what they are asking. This kit will stay with my emergency bug out bag, great for katrina moments or every day use when you find yourself without keys. So impressed with Sparrows I just ordered the spring pin gun ( double tap). Very good quality products!

Comprehensive Package

Recently purchased the EOD Lock Pick Set. Putting it to use and finding there is something for almost every situation. It's great to have a mixed use collection of lock pick tools in a single easily stoable pouch.