Everyday Carry Hall Pass


Everyday Carry Hall Pass

Relying on the same principle as the "credit card bypass" method (which often leaves you with a broken credit card or mangled driver's license), ACE Hackware's Everyday Carry Hall Pass is designed to depress the door latch between the frame and door, opening the door without having to pick the lock (similar to our Shovit Tool, but a lot more discreet).

Made out of stainless steel, the Everyday Carry Hall Pass is the exact same size as a standard credit card and will fit into almost any wallet with ease.

Perfect EDC item for use inside doors at schools, office buildings, hotels and around the house. Find somewhere else where it works? We'd love to hear about, send us an email!

However, remember to leave your Everyday Carry Hall Pass at home before departing for your next international flight, as the TSA isn't likely to let this one slip through security.