Convertible Tubular Lock Picks - ACE Hackware
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Convertible Tubular Lock Picks - ACE Hackware
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Convertible Tubular Lock Picks

This Convertible Tubular Lock Pick changes from a 7 pin tubular lock pick to a 8 pin tubular pick in less than a minute. The tubular pick set comes with extra drive pins, O-rings, 4 extra picking needles, and an extractor.

The convertible tubular pick is shipped to open 7 pin tubular locks. To change it to the 8 pin tubular pick, you will need to remove the threaded collar and the compression ring. Use the allen wrench that is supplied to loosen the set screw that holds the body in the hex handle.

Back out the feeler that covers the 7 pin drive pin. Using the 6d nail, push the drive pin out and insert it in the other position for engaging the keyway of an 8 pin lock. When doing this it is helfpul to orient the pin facing 3 or 9 o'clock when looking at the hole in the 12 o'clock position.

When reinstalling the shaft in the handle, do not force the set screw against the shaft. Doing this will make it hard to remove the pick shaft next time. Carefully hand tighten the set screw until you feel the screw engage on the side hole in the shaft.