Burner SIM - ACE Hackware
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Burner SIM - ACE Hackware
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Burner SIM


Prepaid plans, preloaded on the burner SIM!

No registration. No personal information.

  • Unlimited Nationwide Talk
  • Unlimited Global Text
  • Unthrottled 4G Data
  • Free Voice Mail and Caller ID
  • Get a Local Phone Number
  • Tethering Supported

Perfect for the privacy conscious, as well as international travelers in the USA. These short-term plans are also perfect for use with pen-test drop boxes on physical security engagements

These ACE Hackware burner SIMs are completely private. No registration required - just activate and go!

The network provider also redirects all data traffic through a proxy server making it harder for people to snoop on you.

Every plan includes unlimited nationwide USA calling, including Hawaii and Puerto Rico. No limits on inbound or outbound calls. No evening or weekend restrictions.

You don't need to provide any personal information to activate, so you can stay connected without a trace.

Just insert your Ready SIM and send a text message to activate your plan. No registration. No personal information. No hassle.