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Bump Hammer


These Bump Hammers are designed to increase your success and efficiency with lock bumping while saving your fingers and simultaneously preventing damage to your locks.

The firm rubber head is mounted to a flexible acrylic handle, offering just the right amount of give to quickly and effectively impact your bump keys to help bump locks open the first time without drawing unnecessary attention to your lock bumping attempts.

  • Perfect Balance
  • Simple to operate and maintain
  • Designed ergonomically specifically for lock bumping

Customer Reviews

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Did not work

I tried for hours to get the key to work, all with no success. Not sure if the key was cut correctly, the lock was not cooperative, or the technique was bad; the key would not open the lock I used it on.

Hey Cort, We test all of our bump keys after cutting them, so all of the keys we ship are known to work in the keyway for which they are cut. Just like lock picking, effective lock bumping is indeed a skill that takes practice and requires technique. That said, once you get the hang of it, it's reasonably straightforward to reproduce. Unfortunately, it is difficult to say what might be preventing your lock from opening. Often times, however, it is one of four things: either the keys are not being offset enough (the key must be pulled out at least 1 pin to ensure force is properly applied to the pins), or not enough pressure is applied to the face of the key while bumping, the bump is being administered at an angle, or the impact of the bump is not strong enough to jar the pins sufficiently to create the shear line.
Very pleased

Keys showed up in a timely manner, packaging was sufficient to properly protect the items inside, and the keys were in great condition.

bump Key

The bump keys I brought is great, I can open all the lock doors in my home and bike locks. I recommend these bump keys to anyone.

11 Key Bump Set

Keys are for very common locks you see all the time. This key set covers them. Well thought out set.

Bump Hammer

Bump Hammer