Bogota Lock Pick Set For Sale
Bogota Credit Card Lock Pick Set


Bogota® Pi Titanium Lock Pick Set


This Bogota Lock Pick Set is crafted from aircraft grade Titanium.

At approximately 3.14159265359 inches long, the Bogota® Pi Titanium picks are slim and sophisticated entry tools with a limited magnetic footprint and are extremely corrosion resistant.  Light and covert, the Bogota® Pick Set et is the new standard for operators.

Includes double, triple and quad Bogota® rakes: 

  • Hook
  • Double Hump
  • Triple Hump
  • Quad Wrench
  • Double Sided Tensioner
  • PVC case  

Bogota® entry tools are the brainchild of Raimundo. The name is inspired by the three peaks and two valleys in Bogota, Columbia where the Andes mountains split into three mountain cordilleras that traverse across Colombia.

Made In The USA by Hard Case Survival.