Bogota Jackknife Lock Pick Set - ACE Hackware
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Bogota Jackknife Lock Pick Set - ACE Hackware
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Bogota Jackknife Lock Pick Set

This "Bogota" Style Jackknife Lock Pick Set is an 8 piece lock pick set including Bogota-style picks in a pocket-sized folding lock pick case. 

The Bogota Jackknife Lock Pick Set sports 7 rakes and picks with a slide out tension tool. The Black Diamond Dakota lock pick set is finished with a black oxide coating. The composite housing is very lightweight and has an attached belt clip to make carrying it easy and discrete.

Bogota entry tools are the brainchild of Raimundo. The name is inspired by the three peaks and two valleys in Bogota, Columbia wehre the Andes mountains split into three mountain cordilleras that traverse across Colombia.

This superior quality Bogota Jackknife Lock Pick Set is proudly made in the USA.