11-key Bump Key Set



11-key Bump Key Set

This is an 11 key bump key set for residential, commercial and padlocks.
Locksmiths and homeowners may encounter locks which need to be unlocked without the key originally included with a particular lock.  Pin tumbler locks can be opened with the use of a bump key. Specific bump keys are designed to open locks by specific manufacturers and appropriate key selection is based on the number of pins located in the lock. 

The 11 Key Starter Bump Key Set includes bump keys for keyways and locks by the following manufacturers: 

Our 5 Key Bump Key Set Includes:

Plus the following additional keyways: 

Bumping a lock involves using a bump key to force the separation of the key pins from the driver pins. This separation is momentary. It is during this short period of time that the lock can be rotated and unlocked. The process of opening a lock in this method takes very little time. 
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The materials and manufacturing standard used in making of the bump keys in this starter kit are the highest available in the industry. These keys will open locks from many of the lock industry's top manufacturers.
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