Deluxe 65 Piece Professional Lock Pick Set


Deluxe 65 Piece Professional Lock Pick Set

This 65 piece professional lock pick set is for the law enforcement professional, first responder, locksmith or security professional who demands the finest tools available for every lock out situation. 

This set includes 49 picks profiles, consisting of:

  • diamond picks
  • ball picks
  • rake picks
  • twist flex picks
  • and lifter picks

Twenty picks have a ripple handle, twenty picks have a laminated ripple handle, four picks come with twist flex handle, and four picks come with the exclusive laminated ripple core handle, considered by many professionals to be the finest lock pick handle on the market. 

Also included are five warded picks and a double ended gas cap key. 

All of the tools in this deluxe lock pick set are made from tempered stainless steel, and are packed in a deluxe soft leather zipper case.

This is an extraordinary pick set with picks for virtually every common keyway, and it's a kit that might last you a lifetime.