Announcing The Boscloner: An Open Source, All-in-One RFID Cloning Toolkit!

Posted by Taylor Banks on

 Hey ACE Fam,

Today, I am super excited to announce that ACE Hackware is now the exclusive home to Phillip Bosco's mighty, mighty Boscloner, the All-in-One RFID Cloning Toolkit that makes RFID badge cloning fast, easy and automatic!

Boscloner’s core functionality leverages awesome research from projects like the Proxmark and Bishop Fox Tastic RFID Thief, and adds unique functionality that enables it to:

  • capture RFID badges from three feet away,
  • automatically clone captured badges (in seconds), and
  • allow the penetration tester to reach into her pocket and pull out a cloned and fully functional badge providing instant access to restricted areas with no user intervention!

Although ACE Hackware is now the exclusive source for pre-built Boscloner hardware, the Boscloner is open source (meaning you can build the entire thing from scratch, just like the r00tabaga) and focused on furthering the security industry through community collaboration, making it the gold standard for RFID penetration testing and social engineering engagements.

Because the Boscloner is open-source, Phillip Bosco encourages users to build upon it. Furthermore, should you decide you want to build your own Boscloner instead of ordering the kits, Phillip provides a complete Bill of Materials (BOM) and instructions for building your own Boscloner, mirrored here.

Taylor Banks
Chief Hacktologist
ACE Hackware

PS - There are fewer than 100 of these available in the current run, so if you want one anytime soon, I suggest you grab one now! FYI, the boards are still en route to our warehouse, so add an additional 3 - 5 business days on top of estimated shipping times at checkout to be safe.

PPS - Want us to help you build a Boscloner from scratch, LIVE in October?

Let DerbyCon know!

Phillip and I put in a proposal for a Build-Your-Own Boscloner Workshop at DerbyCon 8.0 in Louisville, Kentucky  October 5th – 7th, 2018., but if we want the workshop to be accepted, we need you to let the selection committee know you want to attend. Click to tweet them!

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Product Launch: New Entry Kits!

Posted by Taylor Banks on

I’ll keep this short and sweet.

We’re launching a new product.

It’s called the ACE Entry and Bypass Kit.

It has almost everything you’ll ever need to open pretty much any door, bypass most locks, enter almost any building and escape from most threats.

Because this is a new product launch, we’re only releasing 100 kits initially, and we’re not sure how quickly they’ll sell out.

With over 25,000 customers and fans worldwide, there are a LOT of people who want these entry kits the SECOND they’re released.

So, we need your help:

If you want to be one of the first to get your hands on one of these kits, you need to get on our early-bird waiting list NOW, so you’ll get first dibs on one of these 100 limited-edition kits before anyone else!

To join, just click "Count me in!" and enter your first name and email address.

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2017 Cyber Security Conference and Hacker Convention Favorites

Posted by Taylor Banks on

We love hacker conventions and cyber security conferences, and we've been to about a gazillion of them across the past 20 years. These are some of our favorites:

We strongly encourage you to check them out and get thee to a hackery!

Did we forget an awesome hacking or information security con? Email taylor at acehackware dot com or message us on Facebook to let us know.



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7 Reasons To Go To DerbyCon

Posted by Beth Banks on

Despite being awesome, DerbyCon has retained it’s small and intimate atmosphere, allowing for a manageable level of interaction and a feeling that speakers and attendees are all one big, hack-y family.
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Lockpicking Class in the Sonoran Desert

Posted by Laura N on

So, you find yourself in the Sonoran desert boondocking in your RV, also your full-time home, and you're in the company of a bunch more RV friends. At some point,  you've just got to bust out the clear practice locks and teach everyone how to lockpick. 

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