Lockpicking Class in the Sonoran Desert

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lockpicking in the desert

So, you find yourself in the Sonoran desert boondocking in your RV, also your full-time home, and you're in the company of a bunch more RV friends. At some point,  you've just got to bust out the clear practice locks and teach everyone how to lockpick. 

lockpicking class in the desert

learning how to lockpick

And a little lockpicking instruction is exactly what happened. Adults, kids, everyone got in on it. And while there were a few frustrated folks, at first, every last one of them successfully picked a lock.

lockpicking in the desert

learning to lockpick

The key to learning how to pick locks and increase your speed is first to get comfortable with the mechanism. And it will put you lightyears ahead if you can see what you're doing.

learning lockpicking

start learning to lockpick early

That's where the clear practice locks come in handy. Once you can see how it works while you feel how it works, you soon won't need to look at it at all. And boom, then you're just picking standard locks.

showing how to pick a padlock

picking handcuffs

lockpicking instruction

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Products used in class

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