Politics and Privacy - the 2016 election

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privacy and politics and the 2016 election

The 2016 election season is heating up in the U.S. Primaries are underway, presidential candidates are starting to drop out, and the field is beginning to narrow.

Never mind the sound bites and political ads, we wanted to see where the candidates stand on issues like privacy, surveillance, and net neutrality. Have a look at what we found before you head to the polls.

Where the candidates stand on cybersecurity 

This is the most comprehensive article we found. It covers security, privacy, and internet issues by candidate in nicely laid out tables. This makes it easy to compare candidate against candidate. If you want to know more about any of the issues listed in the table headers, just click on them to read more.

Where the candidates stand on net neutrality 

Find out where the presidential candidates stand on a free and open internet.

Where do the candidates stand on encryption 

This issue has recently come to the forefront with the news of Apple’s fight with the FBI over the encryption on the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone.

Where do the candidates stand on the NSA scooping up Americans’ phone records 

A look at how the candidates feel about the NSA’s bulk collection of phone metadata.

Where do the candidates stand on surveillance 

Right after the Paris attacks in November, here’s what the candidates had to say about surveillance.

Where do the candidates stand on privacy  

Here are a few candidate quotes pulled from interviews and debates about privacy.

Congressional stance on privacy 

Let’s not forget about Congress. Find out who is on team Internet and who is on team NSA.

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