Shmoocon 2016 Recap

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shmoocon 2016

So, you couldn't make Shmoocon this year? Yeah, neither could we. But that doesn't mean we weren't paying attention. Here is a Shmoocon Recap of just a few of the talks that caught our eye. 

Shmoocon Recap

After a presentation by Synack director of research Patrick Wardle at Shmoocon that revealed vulnerabilities, Apple has released security patches for iOS, OS X and an update for Safari.

update os x

Attackers with patience can cobble together a bunch of known vulnerabilities to pwn Windows machines. Stephen Breen released his Hot Potato exploit following his talk at Shmoocon. Microsoft is aware of the exploit but it remains unpatched.

Even your fluorescents lights can be pwned - interview with the creators of EZ-Wave, a Z-Wave hacking tool released at ShmooCon.

z-wave bulb

Robbie Gallagher takes scambaiting to the next level using a bit of automation in his Honey-Phish project. Find out how the personal finance subreddit figured into his system.


Sean Cassidy of Praesidio demonstrated how LastPass is vulnerable to phishing attacks due to a security trade off and easily duplicated design elements.

How to turn a $140 radio into the first hardware scanner for digital mobile radio.


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