6 More Ways to Reset the New Year

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6 more ways to reset the new year

Last year around this time, we gave you 11 things to check/update/do in the New Year. Those tasks big and small that fall through the cracks. You know there are things you should regularly do but never quite get around to it.

This year, we’re going to add a few more things to last year’s list. And this year you’re going to set yourself reminders throughout the year to do these tasks, now aren’t you? Nod your head yes. Don’t try to do everything at once - spread it out on your calendar.

1. Media

Media doesn’t live forever. Do you have digital backups of all of your treasured photos, VHS tapes, vinyl, and CDs? If you’ve got the time and inclination, you can DIY, or there are plenty of services out there that will do it for you.

2. Clean

Physically clean your computer. How often do you do this? Not often enough, I bet. You should be cleaning your screen and keyboard at least once a week, more often if Mr. Grubbyhands insists on actually touching your monitor when he’s pointing something out to you. And more often if you eat while you’re working.

Inside attracts tons of dust and hair, especially if you have pets. Here’s how to clean your computer’s innards. The frequency will depend on the environment, but you can probably start with once a quarter and see if that is often enough for you. Don’t forget your laptop’s fan

3. Digital Asset Plan

Not to be morbid, but do you have a plan for your digital assets when you die? If not, make one. Because if you got hit by a bus today, what would happen to your bitcoin? Have you documented all of your automatic payments? Our digital lives can be diverse and complicated and will probably become even more so. So even if you’ve made provisions, make sure you review it once a year, at least. It will save your family from so many headaches. 

4. Reputation

Check and repair your online reputation. Maintaining your online reputation isn’t just for politicians and CEOs. Employers rely on social media and search more and more to help them screen applicants. You do you look online? This online reputation management guide will walk you through the steps of discovery, repair, and boosting your online reputation. 

5. Reduce Your Bills

Review your contracts. Once a year you should sit down, call up the cable company, your mobile provider, etc. and follow Ramit Sethi’s scripts to get them to give you a deal. It won’t work with every single one, but some of them will offer you discounts, and it will be worth your time. Set a reminder to do it every year.

6. Toss It Out

Electronic and hazardous waste plan. Don’t throw batteries and light bulbs in the trash. Learn where you can dispose of these properly. Often your local hardware store will accept them. For old electronics, most communities have regular recycling drives where you can take them for free. Get those dates on your calendar. Remember, hard drives and any other electronics containing sensitive data require a little more effort to keep your information out of the wrong hands. Here are some methods to help you destroy that data before you recycle that drive

Here's to adding and maintaining healthy habits in the New Year!

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