The EDC Bindle - a modern day hobo bag on a stick

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Remember the iconic image of a depression era hobo with a bindle on a stick? Walking from town to town in search of work, riding the rails, just trying to get by. It got us thinking. What would a modern-day bindle on a stick look like? What would we put in it? Obviously, this is the Cadillac of bindles, but this is what we'd like in our bag on a stick.

DrySak 10L Waterproof Dry Bag

Let's start with the bindle itself. Sure, you can use a handkerchief, or even plastic grocery bags. But a DrySak would be ideal. Besides being waterproof, it makes the stick part obsolete because it has a shoulder strap.

drysak dry bag

Rite in the Rain Pocket Notebook

Sometimes you need to write stuff down. And this notebook is ready for all weather conditions. 

Fisher Non-Reflective Space Pen

Your all-weather notebook needs an all-weather pen. This pen has the bonus of being non-reflective if you're trying to blend in.

6-pack of Pencils

Pencils - because sometimes you need to be able to erase mistakes.

Burner Sim

Since we're talking a modern bindle, we assume you're going to have a phone in there. This burner sim will make it much harder for people to snoop on what you're up to.

ACE EDC Wrench

Our EDC wrench can open bottles, open water valves and act as a self-defense tool.

Gerber Survival Tool Pack

Knives, scissors, screwdrivers, a flashlight and more. This palm-sized tool has all the basics and then some.

EDC Wallet Lockpick Set with Bogota Pick

Because sometimes there's a lock in between you and food or shelter.

Space Blanket

If you can't find shelter, a space blanket might just save your life.

Life Straw

We take potable water for granted in developed countries, but it's not always available. A Life Straw can change that.

lifestraw water filter

Emergency Rain Poncho

This poncho can be worn as intended or be part of your shelter.

Stormproof Matches

The survival tool above comes with a fire starter rod, but sometimes you're in a hurry to get that fire started. That's when matches come in handy.

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