Computer Security and Privacy Tune-Up Tips

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Computer Security and Privacy Tune-Up Tips

Ah, Thanksgiving is just around the corner. How many are you end up spending the weekend undoing the damage your parents and clueless relatives have done to their computer since last year?

Consider this post a preemptive strike. Pass it along and have them do their computer support and learn the basics of staying safe online.

How to Install Free, Effective Anti-Virus Software (for beginners)

Yep, they went out and bought a new computer without your help or advice. And they've been running it for months naked to the world. This post runs through installing Bitdefender for free aimed at non-techies.

How to Run Malwarebytes Alongside Another Anti-Virus

When it comes to malware protection, two may be better than one, especially for less savvy users. This article covers how to install Malwarebytes as an alternate solution.

The Best Anti-Virus App For Mac

Hooray! They're running Mac OS! Sure, Linux would be better, but at least it's not Windows. It's also not 100% free from virus attacks. Lifehacker likes Sophos, but there are at least ten high rated options if you'd like to use something else.

How to Use Facebook's Mystifying Privacy Settings

Who sees what, how much information is shared with advertisers, audit apps with access to your information and more fun in Facebook's privacy settings. 

How to Identify 5 Common Phishing Attacks

Tactics change from time to time, but making your loved ones aware of common phishing attack methods can go a long way towards helping them recognize a scam. 

Five Best Password Managers

Do your parents use the same password for everything because they don't want to remember a bunch of different ones? None of us do. That's what password managers are for. 

5 Different Two-Step Authentication Methods to Secure Your Online Accounts

Get your relatives familiar with the various types of two-step authentication and encourage them to use it when offered as an option.

A Basic Guide to Online Security

In addition to the topics above, this post covers VPNs, social engineering, and a few more general security tips. 


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