7 Reasons To Go To DerbyCon

Posted by Beth Banks on

DerbyCon is one of our favorite security cons.

Here's 7 reasons we're going to DerbyCon 6.0 - "Recharge"; how about you?

  1. DerbyCon is still small(ish): Despite being awesome, DerbyCon has retained it’s small and intimate atmosphere, allowing for a manageable level of interaction and a feeling that it’s speakers and attendees are all one big, hack-y family.
  2. High quality, relevant Info:   Whether you are here for the technical details,  the research, or high-level strategy, DerbyCon has great speakers delivering  tons of compelling and useful content.
  3. Kick-Ass Training: Malware Analysis, Pentesting, Application Security, Incident Response, any way you slice it, training delivered with a test network and labs is the only way to go.
  4. Hands-On Fun!: Like to play with toys, games or win contests? Us too! DerbyCon has everything from social engineering contests, to lockpick and hardware hacking villages, a ham radio enthusiast gathering, a bourbon tasting, hat hacking, a CTF, a cycle ride and more!)
  5. Easy to Get to:  Less than a day’s drive from TX or MN,  VT or FL,  Louisville, KY is super-easy to get to (and a short flight) from a vast majority of the lower 48.
  6. Louisville is Full of Awesome: Louisville is not only home to the famous Kentucky Derby, but is also where the Louisville slugger is made. The city sits on top of a 17-mile cavern you can tour, bike and zipline in! You can pay your respects to Colonel Sanders or just enjoy a beautiful walk at Cave HIll, a Victorian era cemetery and arboretum filled with ponds and paths.  Or, choose one of many distillery tours and tastings of KY Bourbon, schedule a visit to a turn of the century (reportedly haunted) sanatorium, get in a round of disc golf, find the perfect mint julep and put a delicious hot brown in your mouth. (It’s okay, go ahead and click on the link, it’s just a sandwich).
  7. Seeing YOU there: We love to meet our customers IRL. Come visit ACE Hackware in the vendor area to see our new toys or to just say hi! Follow us on twitter for live updates from DerbyCon!

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