EDC Spotlight: Credit Card Lockpick Set

Posted by Laura N on

credit card lockpick set

It could happen to you. You're out late with friends and finally get home only to find that your house key fell off your keyring. Now what? Call a locksmith and wait an hour to give them $100? Or, pick your way in because you've made the credit card lockpick set part of your everyday carry.

Our credit card lockpick set is a wallet sized lock pick set concealed inside a case that just looks like another credit card in your wallet to the casual observer. About twice the width of a regular credit card, the face of the case slides back to reveal 4 lock picks and a double-sided tension wrench. These are high quality, stamped stainless steel lock picks and will give you a lifetime of use.

credit card lockpick set inside

In addition to the discrete case, this credit card lockpick set includes:

  • Small Half Diamond Pick 
  • Short Hook Pick
  • Snake Rake Pick
  • Single Sided Pick
  • Flat Tension Tool

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