DefCon 23 Recap

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Couldn't make it to DefCon 23? Need a down and dirty recap? We've rounded up the most interesting stories to come out of DefCon this year.

Drone at DefCon hacks from the sky

At DEFCON, the large hacker conference held annually in Las Vegas, David Jordan of Aerial Assault revealed a drone that can swoop down and break into computer networks. Expected price tag? $2,500.

Don't want to spend $2500 on a "hacking drone"?

A #r00tabaga + Parrot AR = A Wireless Drone That Can Hack Your Phone, PC or Mac for less than $450!

Tesla hackers explain how they did it at Defcon

At the digital security conference, Kevin Mahaffey and Marc Rogers explain how they hacked a Tesla Model S -- and why you shouldn't be too alarmed. 

DefCon Hacker Details How to Forge Death, Birth Records Online

Without proper validation, the Internet can be used to legally declare you dead, demonstrates a security researcher at DefCon. 

Heists go Hollywood with DefCon hacks

Hollywood-style heists took on real-world potential as hackers at a Def Con gathering showed how to crack safes in full view of security cameras without ever being seen. 

Hacking A Phone's GPS May Have Just Got Easier

A team of researchers at Chinese Internet security firm Qihoo 360 claim they’ve found a way to make a GPS emulator that can falsify the GPS location of smartphones and in-car navigation systems, more cheaply. 

How Hackers Could Get Out of House Arrest

A hacker has found a way to hack a device used to track people under house arrest, potentially allowing whoever is wearing the tracking anklet to get away—without the police finding out. 

When Fear of Being Hacked Takes Hold

A blogger visits Black Hat & DefCon - an outsider’s perspective 

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