Have you met the r00tabaga?

Posted by Laura N on

ACE r00tabaga MultiPwner

Sure, we've got plenty of words you can read on our product page for the ACE r00tabaga MultiPwner, but sometimes that's too dry. So we made this #r00tabaga MultiPwner pen test video overview for those of you that would like a more personal description of its features. 

Discover how the r00tabaga MultiPwner can help you automate pen test best practices remotely. 

If you're reading this post shortly after it was posted, you probably realize that DefCon 23 is coming up fast. We usually have a run on r00tabagas leading up to DefCon, so if you want one before DefCon, which starts August 6th, you should go ahead and order one.

Now, that said, unless you are a wireless expert, we recommend extreme caution if you plan to use the r00tabaga in pineapple mode at DefCon. We're just going to offer up a couple of links to help you make your decision.

And then a final word from Granny.


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