The Myth of Privacy and Security

Posted by Laura N on

It seems like our news feeds are just barfing up a constant stream of different ways your privacy is being violated. These days, it seems like any information someone wants on or about you they can access either thanks to flaws in our devices or the government's ineptitude. 

There are two stories in particular that have us worked up this week. First, an Arizona town has deployed license plate readers in fake cacti

If you just had the thought "well, I'm not running drugs, so this isn't a problem for me" here's why it could be a problem for you. What if clever criminals got access to this information and used it to make sure you weren't home when they robbed you blind? Since you had that first thought, your answer to this might be "but the government will have that information secure." Nope.

That leads us to the second story. There has been a huge breach of the records of government employees. Sensitive information, including social security numbers, for millions of people. 

But it gets better, or worse. Computers at the IRS allowed employees to use weak passwords like “password.”

So now how do you feel about all this information the government is collecting on you?


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