Unique Gift Ideas For Dad

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father's day gift ideas

Heads up! Father’s Day is coming up fast. If you’re looking for gift ideas for dad, we’ve got something cool and unique that fits just about every budget. We’ve pulled some ideas for you from our best sellers, but you can also cruise on over to to our full line of products for more inspiration.

Credit Card Lock Pick Set

This unique lock pick set assures that your dad always has a back-up when he needs it. The picks are the length of a standard credit card and the case looks very similar to a real credit card to fool the casual observer.

Uncuff Links

Upon first glance, the Uncuff Links appear to be little more than a modern, stylish pair of cufflinks. However, look a bit further and you'll find a hidden handcuff key engineered into the design!


The ACE r00tabaga MultiPwner combines the functionality of the original beloved Pen-test Drop Box with the man-in-the-middle capabilities of the ever-loved WiFi Pineapple in a single integrated device!

ACE Hackware Gift Card

Not sure what he would like or need? Give dad the gift of "Hacker's Choice" with an ACE Hackware Gift Card!

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