A Visual Guide to Bumping Locks

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Lock bumping is a skill that requires a bit of finesse. It helps if you understand what is happening inside the lock when you are trying to bump it.

Our post showing you how lock picking works gives you several looks inside locks to show you how they work. Now let’s see what happens inside a lock when someone is trying to bump it.

(Looking for a bump key infographic? Check out our Visual Guide to Bump Keys to see common keyways.)

View Inside A Lock

First, here is a reminder of how normal key in lock operation works:

Now, see what is happening inside the lock as you try to bump it:

Animations by Deviant Ollam at toool.us licensed under Creative Commons

Lock Bumping Videos

Now that you know what is happening inside the lock as it is being bumped, let’s look at some videos of people bumping locks.

Bumping a Master Lock Padlock

Bump Key Attack on Schlage Primus

More About Bump Keys 

Are you totally hooked now? We’ve got more links on bump keys to satisfy your craving.

Where to Buy Bump Keys



Note: Breaking and entering is illegal. This information in this bump key guide is meant for educational purposes and lawful use only.

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