How To Pick Locks, Animations and Videos

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The best way to learn lock picking is by doing it. Head to your local hacker or security event with a lockpick village set up and go to town.

But not all of you can do that. So the next best thing is to see what is happening inside the lock and then get yourself some tools and try it out. We've pulled together some different visualizations that will help show you how to pick locks.

Animated Illustrations of Lock Actions and Lock Picking

Normal conventional lock operation, front view

Normal key operation, side view

Setting a pin, front view

Picking by individual lifting

Animations by Deviant Ollam at licensed under Creative Commons 

Lock Picking Videos

How lock picking works shown with a cutaway lock

Defeating a Handcuff Lock with a Shim


Locks: Basic operation and manipulation

Do you really want to dig into lock picking? Schuyler Towne's 24 part video series on YouTube is a great place to start.

Happy Picking!

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