R00tabaga DIY External Antenna Mod

Posted by Laura N on

r00tabaga diy external antenna mod

Did you ever look at your R00tabaga just sitting there on your desk and think “dang, I wish that thing had an external antenna?” Well, "megal0maniac" & Jan Broer have step-by-step instructions for you on the minipwner forums.

Here’s the down and dirty of where to sever and re-solder the new SMA antenna connections to attach an SMA connector to the TP-Link MR3040 to attach an external antenna.


For the full and original instructions, head on over to the minipwner.com forums

Of course, making this mod will void any and all warranties, stated and implied...so proceed at your own risk. But hey, this will enable you to hook up ALL THE ANTENNAS. ;)



Images from minipwner.com

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