6 Legitimate Reasons to Carry Lockpicks

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6 legitimate reasons to carry lockpicks

A few weeks ago, we posted about a set of everyday carry lockpicks on Facebook and received a bunch of comments wondering why anyone would need to carry around lock picks unless they were a criminal. Since then, we’ve already covered the legality of lockpicks in various places, so today we thought we’d consider the legitimate reasons why someone would carry lock picks.


A locksmith needs to be able to pick locks without damaging the lock itself, so it can be rekeyed for later use. This is an important skill when dealing with antique locks that cannot be replaced if destroyed.


lockpicking locksport at a conference

Many people have learned to pick locks as a hobby. There are even competitions, usually held as part of a larger conference such as DEFCON or LayerOne.

Law Enforcement

Sometimes law enforcement needs to be able to get in and out of a place without anyone being aware they were there. Gotta love the Patriot Act. If you’re concerned, maybe you should invest in some of these locks. (http://acehackware.com/blogs/news/15675196-what-a-crazy-lock)

Unlawful Detention


While on vacation you are kidnapped and held for ransom. Good thing the kidnappers have you restrained with standard handcuffs and you have been practicing picking them. They didn’t notice the handcuff shim in your pocket and you escape and slip away while they’re sleeping. ()

Broken Lock

broken key

You come home, it’s late, and you can’t wait to get inside and crawl into bed. You put your key in the lock and turn. It snaps off. Just breaks right there in the lock. You have another key, but the broken key is stuck in the lock. Luckily you have a pick set with you and you’re able to dig out the broken key and saved yourself an expensive locksmith bill. By the way, this actually happened to a member of the ACE team.

Professional Hacker

Security professionals are often hired by companies to test the ability of outsiders to penetrate their defenses. Lockpicks may be used during a physical security test to determine vulnerabilities.

Are you interested in lock picking but don’t know where to start? See Pick Like A Pro With A Little Practice.

Lockpicking Infographic

We've pulled all of this information into a handy infographic if you'd like to share it.

infographic 6 legitimate reasons to carry lockpicks


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