We heard you're into Handcuff Play...

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handcuffs and accessories

Hey, you naughty ACE Hackware customers. We couldn’t help but notice how EXCITED you get every time we post a new handcuff product.

To satisfy your CRAVING for handcuff play we’ve stocked up a whole section of handcuff related products!

Meet some of our newest items and then head on over to our full handcuff section to see EVERYTHING.

Clear Practice Handcuffs

Don’t wait until you’ve forgotten your safe word to try to bust out of some cuffs. Practice your favorite escape method on these and you’ll be ready for anything.

Everyday Carry Handcuff Shim

Our Everyday Carry Handcuff Shim is simple, very effective, and a very cheap way to open most universal handcuffs, SLIDING between the ratchet and the teeth of the cuffs to open the ratchet.

Everyday Carry Handcuff Key

Remember the Boy Scout motto: Be Prepared! This little guy is easy to conceal and really affordable so you’d be silly not to have a couple handy for emergencies. RED! RED! RED!

Uncuff Links

For the person who has everything .. they probably don't have these! An elegant way to get out of sticky situations.

More Handcuffs and Handcuff Escape Tools

That’s not all. Check out our full line of handcuffs and related tools that’ll help you get into and out of tight situations.

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