New Product: everyday carry handcuff key

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everyday carry handcuff key tihk

In a blog post recently, we rounded up a few different ways to get out of handcuffs. One of those ways was the Tiny Inconspicuous Handcuff Key (TIHK). We thought it was so cool that we decided to start carrying it!

The TIHK handcuff key has an integrated clip that makes it really easy to attach to your clothing or gear so it is always ready when you need it and easy to integrate into your everyday carry gear. In addition to the tiny size, the black matte color makes it even more inconspicuous. The most common place to carry it is attached to your middle rear belt loop which would be convenient if you should find yourself handcuffed with your hands behind you.

The TIHK is designed to fit all standard peerless style handcuffs. This everyday carry handcuff key can help you escape from unlawful detainment; for law enforcement, military and security professionals, this may include being restrained with their own cuffs.

TIHK is proudly Made in the USA.

This video review of the TIHK handcuff key shows it in action.

Note: The TIHK is to only be used to counter illegal detainment and in accordance with all local, state and federal laws by trained law enforcement, military and security professionals. Improper use by civilians is not endorsed or encouraged. Use of the product is at your own personal risk and discretion.

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