Reset the New Year - 11 Things to Check/ Update/ Do

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reset the new year - 11 things to check update do

It's traditional to make lists for New Year's and we're no exception. We've pulled together a list of things you should be doing year round but probably aren't. Consider this your friendly reminder/kick in the pants.

11 Things to Check/Update/Do

1) Update passwords - If you’re like most people, you don’t do this regularly like you should. If you aren’t using a password management system like LastPass, Dashlane or 1Password, now might be a good time to set that up. One feature of LastPass in particular is Auto Password Change which may save you even more time and headache in the long run. 

2) Update your antivirus software, firewall, etc. if you don't do these automatically.

3) Update your apps, on your computer and on your phone. You might be missing important security updates. This might be a good time to set up a schedule to remind yourself to do this regularly if you don’t want to set this to be automatic.

4) Update firmware/OS on all devices. Don’t forget your Kindle, sport watch, etc.

10 most common passwords of 2013

5) Test your back-up - We assume you’ve got a back-up system in place. If not OMG GO DO THAT NOW! Ahem. So you have it in place, but do you check it? Do that now. If you are interested in setting up or switching your back-up system, Spider Oak is privacy minded. 

6) Time for a bill review. Check all your credit card and bank statements for recurring payments. Are you using all of those things? Cancel the ones you don’t need.

7) Overage charges - are you going over your mobile minutes, texts, internet data, etc.? See if it’s time to upgrade your plan or downgrade your video quality.

8) Check expiration dates: food, medicines, gift cards - give them all a once over and throw out expired items. If you're not going to use those gift cards, here's how to turn them into cash.

9) Identification - when does your driver’s license, passport or other ID expire? Set reminders for yourself so you can renew in a timely fashion. Remember, passports take a while.

10) Check against the latest hacks to see if your data might be at risk. has a simple list and has more information behind each breach.

11) Create an "in case of emergency" document so your loved ones will have an easier time should the worst happen. You'll find a nice step-by-step guide at here.

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