How to escape handcuffs & zip ties

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how to defeat handcuffs

You never know what life will bring. Sometimes you need to get out of a bad spot. Or maybe you need a better party trick than tying a cherry stem in a knot with your tongue. Learn the various way handcuffs and zip ties can be defeated.

With a bobby pin or paper clip

Handcuffs are fairly simple locks and an excellent first choice for the beginning lock picker. With these instructions you even make your own pick using a bobby pin or paper clip.

Uncuff Links

cuff links with concealed handcuff key

At first glance, Uncuff Links appear to be a stylish, modern accessory to hold together those pesky french cuffs. But they actually conceal a handcuff key that will open almost all standard Smith and Wesson handcuffs.


Universal Handcuff Key

inexpensive universal handcuff key

For the budget minded, the Universal Handcuff Key will also get the job done and it can easily be concealed on your person. 

TIHK (Tiny Inconspicuous Handcuff Key)

concealable universal handcuff key

The TIHK is the same idea as the Universal Handcuff Key with a slightly different design. The TIHK fits standard Peerless-style handcuffs and the small profile fits easily on a belt loop.

Bonus: 3 ways to escape zip ties

Sometimes zip ties are used instead of handcuffs. Don’t worry, there are ways around those, too

how to escape zip ties

The information provided here about escaping handcuffs is for entertainment and locksport purposes only. We do not advocate any illegal activity. Be safe y’all.


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