Lock Picking for the Beginner

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lock picking for the beginner, lock picking set

Looking for a unique gift for the holidays? If your giftee is a tinkerer who is interested in how things work, this might be just the thing.

Lock picking isn’t just for criminals. It’s a useful skill to have. You never know when you or a friend is going to lose their keys, have them stolen or even have the key break off in the lock. Boom, you just saved yourself $100 in locksmith fees and a long wait if you're prepared to pick a lock.

Lock picking is also used when conducting a penetration test for a company, with permission to test the limits of their physical security. This skill could even lead to new employment opportunities!

Let’s not forget the biggest reason someone might take up lock picking; it’s fun and challenging! Lock picking is a unique hobby and definitely a conversation starter. There are conferences all over the world that highlight the growing popularity of locksport with a Lock Picking Village like DEFCON.

So here’s a collection of gifts that will get your beginning lock picker started.

12 Piece Essentials Lock Pick Set

This is our 12 piece essentials set with laminated "ripple" handles for a steady grip and incredibly steady control.

The 12 piece lock pick set includes:

  • 7 lock picks
  • 1 broken key extractor
  • 4 tension tools

All of the tools are tempered stainless steel and come in a slim snap over pouch (pouch not shown).

5 Key Bump Key Set

Bump Keys sets are the solution to any unopened door and fit the majority of residential locks in North America. Bump keys are designed to allow easy entrance into practically any room as long as the bump key fits into the lock keyway. Simply insert the bump key into the lock, apply slight pressure to the face of the key and "bump" the key with a bump hammer.

Our 5 Key Bump Key Set Includes:

  • Kwikset KW1 Standard Bump Key - (5 Pin Tumbler locks)
  • M1 Padlock Bump Key - (4 Pin locks)
  • Schlage SC1 Bump Key - (5 Pin locks)
  • Schlage SC4 Bump Key - (6 Pin locks)
  • Titan KW10 Bump Key - (6 Pin locks)

Bump Hammer

This Brockhage Bump Hammer is designed to increase your success and efficiency with lock bumping while saving your fingers and simultaneously preventing damage to your locks. The firm rubber head is mounted to a flexible acrylic handle, offering just the right amount of give to quickly and effectively impact your bump keys to help bump locks open the first time without drawing unnecessary attention to your lock bumping attempts.

  • Perfect Balance
  • Simple to operate and maintain
  • Designed ergonomically specifically for lock bumping
  • Comes with case

More information on lock picking and locksport for beginners.

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