Your smart appliances know all

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Smart appliances are convenient and, let's face it, kind of cool. But they might come with some privacy concerns you haven't considered.

Your television invades your privacy

Your new TV does everything you could possible want, some things you didn't think of and a few things you probably don't want it to do.

No really, did you read your terms of service? If your TV takes voice commands it might be listening and sending that information to a third party. 

Do you need to verify your identity on the phone by giving your social security number and other sensitive bits of information? Make sure you're not within earshot, or microphone shot, of your TV. I'm sure you can think of many other personal conversations you wouldn't want possibly stored on a server somewhere.

smart tv might invade privacy

Net connected surveillance cameras are Peeping Toms?

Your home is all wired up with security cameras that are web enabled so you can just log in from some app and watch the cat lick it's butt. Awesome!

But those cameras might also grab pictures of you at home going about your business. As Mat Howie found out. And he's right to wonder where exactly that buck nekkid picture of him is stored and who can get at it.

Is this any worse than the privacy concerns with your smart phone or computer? Probably not, but in their pursuit of the next best thing, many people might not be aware of the privacy they could be giving up.

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