Failed Kickstarter proves interest in internet privacy

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This past week, after raising almost $600,000, Kickstarter pulled the fundraising effort for Anonabox, touted as an easy solution to route all of your internet traffic over Tor. The project was pulled from Kickstarter after concerns were raised about security and the hardware being used.

chinese off the shelf router

The two main concerns were that the equipment was misrepresented and that there was a security flaw. Commenters on Kickstarter noted that the equipment appears to be an off the shelf Chinese router and not custom built as described. Then it was discovered that there is a hashed root password on all Anonaboxes, "developer!", which is quite weak. When the creator was asked about this, he said "There was no way to log in from the outside anyway, you'd need physical access to the device anyway."

On a positive note, this Anonabox/Kickstarter fiasco does show there is a huge amount of interest in having a simple, inexpensive way to keep your internet traffic private. And there are a number of projects out there working on providing the best solutions.

Tor on a r00tabaga?

If you're looking for a super simple (and rather more versatile) solution, you can also install Tor on a #r00tabaga MultiPwner with one simple command (though you'll still need to do some post-install configuration):

# opkg install tor

Et voilà!

#r00tabaga MultiPwner

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